Tom Clancy’s The Division NoRecoil Macros

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Be a god in the dark zone and show them what you are made of, with our The Division No Recoil Macros.



Be the King of the dark zone, with our The Divison No Recoil Macros

A No Recoil Macro is a professionally coded script which takes control of your mouse movement behind the scenes while you are spraying or single-firing a weapon. By doing this, you will always end up having perfect spray and recoil control wherever you are aiming. This will lead to melting the enemy’s health in seconds while they’re still trying to recover from the recoil of their last shot.

Our The Division No Recoil Macros package contains a variety of macros for every weapon and play style.

Legit-Helpers Macros don’t inject or manipulate any game files, which makes this tool completely undetectable by any Anti-Cheat, spectating, or any replay analysis tool.

Our advantages:

  • 100% undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool
  • Our macros don’t access or manipulate game files, which makes them always safe to play with
  • Clean streams, replays and screenshots
  • All macros working with every mouse
  • Easy and safe buy process, quick installation, direct action!
  • Product receives regular updates

Product video:

Product contains:

Scar-L No Recoil Macro

P416 No Recoil Macro

M60 No Recoil Macro

M4-Lightweight No Recoil Macro

M249 No Recoil Macro

L86 No Recoil Macro

G36 No Recoil Macro

Bullfrog No Recoil Macro

Ak No Recoil Macro

ACR No Recoil Macro



File list:


Recommended settings:

Windows sensitivity “6”

In-game mouse sensitivity: 15%

In-game mouse aim sensitivity: 15%

In-game mouse scope sensitivity: 15%

System requirements:

Our macros are working with every mouse and keyboard setup. You can literally use any kind of mouse or keyboard brand you want to play with our macros.

This is possible because of our powerful Legit Helpers Macro Engine.

Installation: > Here! <




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