PUBG No Recoil Macros

All Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds “PUBG” NoRecoil Macros [Alpha]

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Get your chicken dinner with our Legit-Helpers PUBG No Recoil Macros!

A No Recoil Macro is a professionally coded script which takes control of your mouse movement behind the scenes while you are spraying or single-firing a weapon. By doing this, you will always end up having perfect spray and recoil control wherever you are aiming. This will lead to melting the enemy’s health in seconds while they’re still trying to recover from the recoil of their last shot.

Our PUBG No Recoil Macros package contains a variety of macros for every weapon and firing type. Fill an enemy with an entire full-auto magazine at close range, or pick off a distant target with perfect accuracy.

Legit-Helpers Macros don’t inject or manipulate any game files, which makes this tool completely undetectable by BattlEye, spectating, or any replay analysis tool. 

Even after the new Bluehole Anti-Cheat our Macros are still undetectable, unlike the other, free Macro provider like AutoHotKey or Macros Effects.

Our advantages:

  • 100% undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool (like Battleye for example)
  • Our macros don’t access or manipulate game files, which makes them always safe to play with
  • Clean streams, replays and screenshots
  • All macros working with every mouse
  • Easy and safe buy process, quick installation, direct action!
  • Product receives regular updates

This package is 25% off while the Alpha Period

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Please find our > PUBG README here <


This is an Alpha PUBG No Recoil Macros package (the package isn’t complete at the moment). If you purchase this package you will get regular updates with new macros we made until the package is complete. You have to wait a bit until we perfect and release all macros. At the moment all macros are listed below in the package.

PUBG Macro Update Schedule:

When a PUBG game updated changes recoil patterns or add new weapons, our dev team will make sure that you’ll get a macro update as soon as possible.

P.S. If you purchased the package you will receive all following updates automatically for free.

Full package file list:


Recommended settings:

Right now you can’t use our macros with “inverted-mouse” settings. We are working on a solution for such users.

Windows mouse sensitivity: 6

Ingame Settings:

First person FOV: 90

General Sensitivity: 50

Targeting Sensitivity: 50

Scoping Sensitivity: 50

Scoping4X Sensitivity: 50

Scoping8X Sensitivity: 50

Scoping15X Sensitivity: 50

(These settings are given as a recommendation to maximize the no recoil effect. Different settings may lead to inaccurate recoil control from the program.)

P.S: Your DPI settings have no effect on the macro quality.

System requirements: 

All you need is our Macro Engine tool, and any model or brand of mouse! We guarantee this will work on virtually any system setup you might use.

Installation guide: >> Here! <<