Legit-Helpers Macro Engine BETA




If you have problems with the download or your Anti-Virus tool is blocking the Macro Engine, please follow our instructions: >> Here <<




















































How to use the Legit Helpers Macro Engine:

Attention – Anti-Virus:

Some Anti-Virus programs may give an alert when downloading or starting the software. This is happening because of our “Anti-blacklist” feature, which we need to prevent Anti-Cheat tools from detecting our software. We did already send out a copy of our Macro Engine program to Avast, Microsoft, and Bitdefender, so they can whitelist it in their database. For now, we recommend either whitelisting the program yourself or deactivate the AV tool while running the Macro Engine. If you notice a problem with another AV software brand, please write us an email to [email protected].

Thanks in advance!

System requirements:

> Windows as operating system (Windows 7 or higher)

> A fully working internet connection

> Administrator rights on your Windows profile