Frequently Asked Questions

Style One and Two Accordion

 Table of Contents

  1.     1. Our products
  2.     2. The purchase
  3.     3. Installation & Configurations
  4.     4. Problems


1. Our products

What are macros?

For example NoRecoil macros reduces the recoil of weapons during the spraydown. So you always hit the same point when you spray. This is increasing your accuracy and will kill the enemies much faster. The macro let move your mouse cursor/ crosshair exactly like the opposed pattern. The shots go up because of the CS:GO spray and the crosshair goes down because of the macros. At the end, both movements eliminate each other and all shots hit in the same point.

Scripts is another word for macros.

Can I get banned for using your macros?

No, our macros can't be detected by any Anti-cheat tool because Macros do not accessing the game. They only changing the movement of your mouse. No software can distinguish between the movement of you hand on the mouse and the movement of the macro in the mouse. So you will never be banned for using no recoil macros.

We used macro our self for more than 3,5 years and never got problem with them 🙂

Can I use your macros with my mouse?

If you have an .amc macro-able mouse like Bloody, X7 or Sharkoon you can easily inject the macro with your mouse driver.

If you don't have one of these mice you can use our free Macros Effects to use .amc macros with your mouse.

With that program you will be able to use our .amc macros with every mouse.

Expensive Razer mouse or cheap Microsoft office mouse this program will work with all mice. It doesn’t matter whether your mouse is able to execute macros or not.

Can I get a ban for using Macros Effects?

This program does not access the game! It’s like your normal mouse driver / editor (like Synapse, Oscar, Bloddy…) or AutoHotKey. That means that this program isn’t bannable and will never be bannable. (Our unbannable guarantee)

Can I get an Overwatch (CS:GO) ban?

Actually not, if you don't spray a whole game against a wall and show your macro it's not possible to get an overwatch ban. Our macros are so smooth and naturally, not even your teammates will see that you are using macros

What means 'Lifetime Updates'?

If some macros aren't perfect or the game developer change the spray, we have to update the macro. If you product include '+ Lifetime updates' you will get these macro fast and automatically via mail.

Can I use your macros on server with professional private anti-cheat-tools (FaceIt, ESEA, ESL)?

Yes, as we say a software isn't able to detect mouse-movement macros. So you can use it on that server.

We also play with macro on FaceIt, ESEA & ESl and never had problems with it.

Are you .amc macros better than .ahk (AutoHotKey) macros

Yes of course, as you can see in our video our .amc macro are much more accurate and precisely than .ahk macros. In addition our macros are so much smoother so the risk to get an Overwatch ban is much smaller.

Do we offer Free Macros?

No, we don’t. We put a lot of work in our macros to make them with HIGH QUALITY. But our Macros Effects (macro editor) is completely free.

Are our Macros Virus free?

Of Course our download server is very good protected and 100% safe before Uploading. You can check our Files here! For Free!

Macro Legend

Explanation of the macro names: No_recoil: Older and harsh macros OneTap: Always tap automatic after the recoil of the previous shot has disappeared Strafe: Long series of fast 3x Bursts (good for people with a good head aim) FullSpray: Full magazine no recoil macros (Shown in our video) LeftmouseButton: You can use these macros with the left mouse button (only for costumers with .amc macro-able mice) with macro effects you can use every macro with the left mouse button smooth: Macros with that tag are very smooth so no one will see that you use macros amc/mgn: This macro is available as .amc and .mgn macro

Do you are liable if I get a ban?

We are so sure that our macros are not bannable that we will liable if you get a ban by an Anti-cheat software. We will completely replace the value of the game + ingame items + (if the account is lost all other games+ account values) as an indemnification payment. That's our 'unbannable guarantee'

2. The Purchase

Does I have to pay the amount of money monthly?

No, If you purchase our macros once you can youre them your whole life. You don't have to pay a second time 🙂

The purchase with PayPal don't work, what can I do?

Try to checkout in another browser (for example: IE, Crome, Opera; Firefox...)

When do I get my email with the files after the order?

For free products A few seconds PayPal as payment method A few seconds Direct Bank transfer Immediately after the money arrived your bank account (1-2 banking days) Pay via Steam ingame items (Skins,...) After an employee accept the tradeoffer - some minutes to some hours PaysafeCard-, Steam-, Origin-, Amazon-Code , Product key After an employee checked the validity - some minutes to some hours

How do I get my Macros?

You get your Macros after completing the Payment via Email with the download access and the download links. You also can see it here:…………………..

I bought Legit-Helpers Macros some time ago, can I download them again?

Yes if you purchase a macro in the past you have access to the macro your whole life. If the download links don't work anymore please contact our support.

How can I pay?

Click here!

3. Installation & Configurations

Does DPI affect the precision of my macro?

No. Your DPI just say how fast or slow your cursor points when you move your mouse.

If the Macro is written on a screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, will it work with other resolutions too?

Yes it will work with other resolutions! On our website, we offer axial macros. These are written with relative positions, so the screen resolution do not affect the accuracy.

4. Problems

I don't get your mails, what's the problem?

1. Possible reason: The mail in your SPAM folder

2. Possible reason: We have problems with our mail distributor. Please contact our support.

I test your Macro but its not that accurate as in the Video shown?

Are you sure you change the settings as described? (Ingame sensitivity and Windows sensitivity). The spray in the video is made with our macro the same that we sell so with the right settings its absolutely possible to get the same spray.

I bought a Macro some time ago, now it need an update because of an ingame update. How do I get the Update?

You will get an Email with the updated file, when we finished the overworked macros.

If I try to use a macro with macro effects I immediately turn to the floor what could I do?

Go to the in-game options -> mouse & keyboard and turn 'raw input' off. Now all should work fine 🙂

What can I do if purchased the wrong sensitivity or change my in-game sensitivity massively?

Unfortunately it is not possible with the purchase of a package with for a specific in game sensitivity to switch to another selectivity package. You have to purchase another package with the right sensitivity if you need it.

If you don't find the answer for your question, please contact our Support.