Macros Effects


Attention: Macros Effects is useless without one of our Macro packages. Click Here



”Macro Effects” is an unsiversal mouse driver with an macro editor/repeater by GebekovAS

✔ – VAC safe – ✔

✔ – Overwatch safe – ✔

✔ – 100% forever not bannable – ✔

✔ – ESEA, FaceIt, ESL, EAC ect. safe – ✔

✔ – Fairfight Proof – clean screenshots- ✔

✔ – PB Proof – Clean Screenshots- ✔

✔ – Undetectable by Fairfight AntiCheat Scans – ✔

✔ – PB Undetected –  undetectable by PunkBuster AntiCheat Scanse – ✔


Last Update:

Our new RawInput bypass function!

You can use as many macros as you want at time!

You can put them all on different Hotkeys!




With that program you will be able to use our .amc macros with every mouse.

High-end gaming mouse or cheap office mouse this program will work with all mice. It doesn’t matter whether your mouse is able to execute macros or not. This program is able to replay macros much more accurate than AutoHotKey.

You can choose your Hotkey for the macro activation and the macro replay.

You only need that program if your mouse / mouse driver can’t use .amc macro by itself.

Important: This program does not access the game! It’s like your normal mouse driver / editor (like Synapse, Oscar, Bloddy…) or AutoHotKey. That means that this program isn’t bannable and will never be bannable. (Our unbannable guarantee)


-Macros Effect (English version)

Threats about unbannable Macro editors: