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Become the King of the Kill, with our Legit-Helpers H1Z1 No Recoil Macros.

A No Recoil Macro is a professionally coded script which takes control of your mouse/mice while you are spraying or tapping a weapon. This way you will always have the perfect spray/recoil control and won’t miss any bullets. These Macros increasing your accuracy and will help you killing enemies much faster.

Our H1Z1 No Recoil Macros package contains full auto, fast single tap and fast possible shots No Recoil Macros. Grab the crown and become the King of the Kill!

Legit-Helpers Macros don’t access/manipulate the game or any files, which makes them undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool like Battleye or the H1Z1  tool.

  • 100% undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool (like Battleye for example)
  • Our macros don’t access or manipulate game files, which makes them always safe to play with
  • Clean streams, replays and screenshots
  • All macros working with every mouse
  • Easy and safe buy process, quick installation, direct action!
  • Product receives regular updates


Product video:


Contains 6 Legit Helpers macros:

★ AK-47 Full Auto macro

★ AK-47 Burst macro

★ AR15 Full Auto macro

★ AR15 Long range single tap macro

★ Hellfire Full Auto macro

★ Rapid fire macro



All Files:


Our macros are HWID pinned. This means you can use a macro package only on one PC/Laptop. 


System requirements:

Our macros are working with every mouse and keyboard setup. You can literally use any kind of mouse or keyboard brand you want to play with our macros.

This is possible because of our powerful Legit Helpers Macro Engine.


In-game settings:

FOV: 74

Mouse Sensitivity 10%

Aiming mouse Sensitivity 10%

Scoped Mouse Sensitivity 10%













Random horizontal spread:

It is impossible to code macros which shoot like a laser always straight at one exact point on any range in H1Z1. That’s because there is “random horizontal spread” coded into the game by the developers.

Random spread means the faster and longer you shoot, the more bullets shoot into random directions next to your crosshair. This is something you can’t control with a macro, but only by hacking the game files, which usually results in an instant ban.



Your Legit Helpers Team