CrossFire – NoRecoil & FastSwitch macros




These are no recoil macros/scripts. These macros/scripts reduces the recoil of weapons during the spraydown. So you always hit the same point when you spray. This is increasing your accuracy and kills the enemies much faster. Macros don’t accessing the game. They only changing the movement of your mouse, so you can not get a ban.


✔ – Novo anti cheat safe – ✔

✔ – 100% forever not bannable – ✔

Contains:  (14 Macros)










+FastFire.amc    (fastes possible click)


+Bunnyhop script

+Bunnyhop_complex script

+180 Degree Turn

+360 Degree Turn

System requirements:

Our macros are working with every mouse and keyboard setup. You can literally use any kind of mouse or keyboard brand you want to play with our macros.

This is possible because of our powerful Legit Helpers Macro Engine.

Windows Sensitivity: 6

Installation: Here!