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Instruction for .amc macroable mice


1. Step: You copy all .amc files and and paste them into the macro folder of your mouse driver.

Some examples:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloody6\Bloody6\Data\RES\English\ScriptsMacros\GunLib


C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCAR Editor X7\ScriptsMacros\German\MacroLibrary


coming soon

! Important: Don't create sub-folders

2. Step: Now the files should appear on the front site with the picture of the mouse if you choose a button and go to 'select a macro'.




OSCAR:      similar

Sharkoon : similar 

3. Step: Than press the activation button.

Bloody:                        in the button left corner

Oscar & Sharkoon:    in button right corner


4. Step:

Enjoy the macros and become a pro player!

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Instruction for "Macros Effects"-user / Non .amc macroable mice


You need our macro editor.

Macros Effects

Macros effects is completely free and you get the download link for that program directly via email.

Just add this program to your cart, go to check out fill in your email address and we will send you immediately a mail with the access link for the download.

IMPORTANT: If you are a PUBG customer, activate "RAW INPUT BYPASS" in MacroEffects, when you set a hotkey.




Install the macro editor (takes a few seconds)

and follow the steps in your instruction video:

Important: Make sure to turn 'Raw input' off (Go to the in-game options -> mouse & keyboard and turn ‘raw input’ off.  ) or use the "RawInput Bypass" (can be found in Macros Effects under "Your Hotkeys" (Only in the newest version))



Make sure that your Windows Sensitivity is on 6 of 11

Enjoy the macros and become a pro player!