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Setup Instructions - How to use our macros/scripts with the Legit Helpers Macro Engine


Download our free Legit Helpers Macro Engine tool:


Download: > Legit Helpers Macro Engine <


Our Legit Helpers Macro Engine Basic version is completely free to use. After you finished your order you will receive the Macro Engine download link via email. With the Macro Engine and our macros you are now ready to go!


How to order the Legit Helpers Macro Engine:

  • Click on "add to cart"
  • Proceed to "Checkout"
  • Finish the order process

  • Important info:

    Some Anti-Virus programs may give an alert when downloading or starting the software. This is happening because of our "Anti-blacklist" feature, which we need to prevent Anti-Cheat tools from detecting our software. We did already send out a copy of our Macro Engine program to Avast, Microsoft, and Bitdefender, so they can whitelist it in their database. For now, we recommend either whitelisting the program yourself or deactivate the AV tool while running the Macro Engine.
    Try to exclude the "AppData" and the "macro engine folder" from the Anti-Virus scan (like Windows Defender for example). That should stop blocking our Macro Engine.
    We are still working on a hotfix for the problem.

    You can be sure that our product doesn't contain any kind of virus. It's the "anti blacklist" feature which makes trouble for the AV tools. We need that feature to prevent Anti-Cheat tools from detecting our software.

    Thanks in advance!

    You can find our Legit Helpers Macro Engine tutorial video here:


    If you have any questions, feel free to message our support right > here <

    Enjoy our products with the Legit Helpers Macro Engine and hit your enemies harder than any pro player out there!



    Your Legit Helpers Team