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  1.     1. Our products/services 
  2.     2. The purchase
  3.     3. Installation & Configurations
  4.     4. Problems


1. Our products/services

What are macros?

A No Recoil Macro is a professionally coded script which takes control of your mouse movement behind the scenes while you are spraying or single-firing a weapon. By doing this, you will always end up having perfect spray and recoil control wherever you are aiming. This will lead to melting the enemy’s health in seconds while they’re still trying to recover from the recoil of their last shot.

Our No Recoil Macros, for example, contain a variety of macros for every weapon and firing type. Fill an enemy with an entire full-auto magazine at close range, or pick off a distant target with perfect accuracy.

Legit-Helpers Macros don’t inject or manipulate any game files, which makes this tool completely undetectable by Anti-Cheat tools, spectators, or any replay analysis tool.

Can I get banned for using your macros?

No, our macros can't be detected by any Anti-cheat tool because Macros do not access or manipulate the game. They only change/adjust the movement of your mouse (cursor). No software can distinguish between the movement of your hand on the mouse or the movement of the macro. 

We are coding, using and sellings macros since more than 3 years now and we haven't had a single customer ban.

Can I use your macros with my mouse?

All you need is our Legit Helpers Macro Engine tool and any mouse model! We guarantee this will work on virtually any system setup you might use. It doesn't matter if you have a high-end gaming or a low budget PC mouse. The macros are working on ALL mouses with full quality.

Can I get a ban for using the Legit Helpers Macro Engine?

The Legit Helpers Macro Engine doesn't inject or manipulate any game files, which makes this tool completely undetectable by Anti-Cheat tools. It is a mouse driver, like, for example, the Razer Synapse software or the Corsair Utility engine.

We added a lot of security measures, such as an Anti-black list feature, to make the tool even safer than all the other mouse drivers.

Can I get an Overwatch (CS:GO) ban?

Our macros are made so they look smooth and total natural. If you do it right, not even your teammates will see that you are using macros. However, if you start using our macros in a very obvious way (spraying the whole game against a wall for example), then it's obviously your fault if you get an Overwatch ban.

What does 'Lifetime updates' mean?

If you bought a product with "Lifetime updates", this means: If the game developers change recoil patterns, add new weapons or mechanics to the game where it is possible to write high-quality macros for, then you will receive these macros automatically for free as soon as we release them.

Can I use your macros on servers with professional private anti-cheat-tools like FaceIt, ESEA, ESL etc?

Yes, you 100% can. Our macros are made for competitive play and are not detectable by any Anti-Cheat tool, including the private ones like EAC, ESEA, FaceIT, CM, ESL etc.

Are your .amc macros better than .AHKk (AutoHotKey) macros

Yes, they are! As you may have noticed in our product videos on Youtube, our .amc macro are much more accurate and precise than any AHK macro. In addition our macros are much smoother and natural, so the risk of getting an Overwatch ban is much smaller.

2. The purchase

Do we offer free or test Macros?

No, we currently don't offer free or test macros. It takes a lot of time and effort to make such high-quality macros, that's why we never send them out for free. However, our Legit Helpers Macro Engine is for free.

Are our Macros and the Legit Helpers Macro Engine virus free?

We guarantee that all our Macros and the Legit Helpers Macro Engine you can download from our page, are 100% virus free. If you get a virus alert when downloading or starting the Legit Helpers Macro Engine, that's because of our "Anti-blacklist" feature, which we need, to prevent Anti-Cheat tools from detecting our software.

You can check our files here for free!

Macro legend / explanations

Explanation of the macro names:

macros which control the gun-recoil for you
Automatic single fire tap macros
Long series of fast 3x Bursts (good for people with a good head aim)
Full spray:
Full automatic fire mode no recoil macros

Left mouse button
Macros that look very smooth and natural. It's very hard for spectators if you are using a macro or if it is your own recoil control.
A macro format

1. The Purchase

If you purchase our macros once you can use them your whole life without paying again. No subscription!

The purchase with PayPal doesn't work, what can I do?

Try to checkout in another browser (for example: IE, Crome, Opera; Firefox...)

If it still doesn't work, please check if the PayPal service is available in your country. If not, please choose another payment method.

When do I get the email with my macro files, after I ordered?

Legit Helpers Macro Engine
Can take up to a few hours, until your download link gets activated
PayPal as payment method
A few seconds
Direct Bank transfer
Immediately after the money arrived your bank account (1-2 banking days)
Pay via Steam ingame items (Skins,...)
After an employee accept the tradeoffer (Can take some hours)
PaysafeCard-, Steam-, Origin-, Amazon-Code , Product key
After an employee checked the validity (Can take some hours)

How do I receive my macros, after I purchased them?

You'll receive a purchased product automatically via email. Depending on what product you ordered and how you paid this can take from a few seconds to a few hours.

I bought Legit-Helpers Macros some time ago, can I download them again?

Yes! If you purchased a macro in the past, you have access to the macros your whole life. If the download links don't work anymore please contact our support.

3. Installation & Configurations

Does DPI affect the precision of my macros?

No. Your DPI has no effect on the macros quality. You can use whatever DPI setting you want. Only your in-game and Windows sensitivity matter.

Does my game resolution affect the precision of my macros?

No, your game resolution has no effect on the macros quality.

4. Problems

I didn't receive an email after I purchased one of your products

1. Possible reason: The email is in your SPAM/JUNK folder

2. Possible reason: You ordered a product or chosen a payment method which will need some time for us to either accept the order or until we receive your payment

3. Possible reason: We have problems with our mail distributor. Please contact our support.

The macros quality is not like as shown in your product video

If you are unhappy with your macros quality please check first, if you have chosen the correct in-game and Windows sensitivity for the product (we usually show the recommended settings on each product page).

If your settings are correct and you are still unhappy with the quality, please contact our

I purchased a macro package in the past, now it needs an update, because the game developer released a patch. How do I get the update?

You will automatically get an email with the updated files as soon as our Developers team finished them.

What can I do if purchased the wrong sensitivity package or changed my in-game sensitivity, so the product doesn't fit my needs anymore?

Unfortunately, you'll have to buy a new sensitivity package then, which fits your new in-game sensitivity.

If you don't find the answer to your question in this F.A.Q., please contact our support.