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We already sold more than 10.000 Legit-Helpers products to customers around to world.

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Banned Players

Our professionally coded Legit-Helpers Macros are unbannable by any anti-cheat tool on the market. Therefore we can proudly confirm that not a single customer was banned by using our macros.

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More than 98% of our customer base would recommend Legit-Helpers macros to a friend.
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Legit-Helpers was founded in 2014. Since then we established our products around the whole globe and became the world's leading macro/script market.


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Html5 + css3

Macros are the future!

Professionally coded scripts, often called "macros", are the answer to today's and future anti-cheat market. They provide a wide range of possibilities for the user, such as firing weapons with no recoil, timing the perfect spell combo or allowing to bunny-hop in your favorite game. All these advantages paired with the guarantee of being undetectable by any anti-cheat tool, are making Legit-Helpers macros the future of gaming.

Practice makes perfect

Easy to buy, easy to use

Our buy process is easy and safe. You click on the product you want to buy, choose your favorite payment method (Paypal for example), proceed to checkout and that's it. After a few seconds you will receive your bought product(s) via E-mail as file-attachments. You are now ready for action!

An easy step-by-step installation and how-to-use guide can be found in your received E-Mail and here on the website.

Compatible with All Browsers

Always safe to play with

Unlike free and untrustworthy macros and cheats/hacks you can get on the internet, Legit-Helpers  macros are always safe to play with. We guarantee our macros being undetectable by any anti-cheat tool or service on the market. You will therefore never be banned by using any of our products in the games we support.

Free Lifetime Support

1st class support and custom macros

Our Legit-Helpers™ support is always happy to help you with any questions or problems you might have. You can always reach us by using our Live Support to get an answer within a few minutes, or by using our E-Mail support. We guarantee to always answer within 12 hours after your request.

Legit-Helpers™ also offers a exclusive custom macro service. If you have a request for a special macro or game, just message us and we are happy to help.

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